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With improvements in instruments and productivity, today's laboratories are producing significant quantities of scientific data. Scientific data needs to be captured, migrated, processed, and interpreted for immediate use, as well as stored and managed to support future development. LabTech's Kuiper-LIMS is a kind of software management system which can collect, analyze, and control laboratory data. LabTech believes that the use of the Kuiper-LIMS will revolutionise working practices within the laboratory, and unchain operators from tedious analytical work and data. Its main idea is to guarantee the effective combination of various resources and to improve laboratory efficiency.

  • Multiply Standards
    • Regulatory compliance with ISO17025, EPA, FDA and GLP.
  • Outstanding performance
    • Flexible, configurable easily implemented in different laborotary.
  • Easy to link
    • Interfaces to different laboratory instruments.
  • Reporting is flexible
    • Graphical gallery and tabular views allow rapid data review and acceptance of results.
  • High safety
    • Privilege-controlled password-protected security system
  • User friendly design
    • Owns basic knowledge about Windows can use it easily.
  • Long distance control
    • Wherever you are, you can quickly get the information of the laboratory
  • Strong supports in worldwide
  • Customer service is fast and efficient.

Due to continual research and exploring, LabTech have accumulated vast experience of user needs and have developed functionality that will satisfy almost any LIMS requirement. LabTech can not only provide the standard version of LIMS which suitable for ordinary laboratory applications, but also can satisfy the diverse and specific needs of a wide range of applications.
Standard version LIMS
Follows the quality regulations of ISO17025 and other standards, has covered the core parts of sample analysis process and laboratory resource. It's an efficient tool for laboratory management.

Customized version LIMS
LabTech can develop specific LIMS for different application according to end user's actual environment. And complies with the quality regulations of ISO17025 and other standards .

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