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Land Change Modeler Software For Arcgis Software

Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS is an innovative land planning and decision support software extension to ArcGIS. Widely used for the prioritization of conservation and planning efforts, Land Change Modeler allows you to rapidly analyze land cover change, simulate future land change scenarios, model REDD emission scenarios, and model species impacts and biodiversity. With an automated, user-friendly workflow, Land Change Modeler simplifies the complexities of change analysis, resource management and habitat assessment. Land Change Modeler provides a start-to-finish solution for your land change analysis needs. The Land Change Modeler is included within the IDRISI GIS and Image Processing software and is available as a software extension for use with ESRI’s ArcGIS product. It is compatible only with ArcGIS 10.2 or later.

Land Change Modeler Key Features

With Land Change Modeler, users can:

  • Quickly map land change and trends
  • Rapidly model future land change scenarios
  • Assess habitat risk and species impacts
  • Model species distribution and biodiversity
  • Perform REDD analysis for the estimation of carbon emissions from deforestation
  • Generate biological corridor designs
  • Develop reserve selection and design scenarios

The Change Analysis panel provides a set of tools for understanding the nature and extent of landcover change, including graphs of gains and losses, net changes and contributions experienced by any category. A simple one-click interface provides the ability to generate rapid maps of change, persistence, specific transitions and exchanges between categories.


Generate biological corridors for species planning and design scenario modeling that are optimized for habitat suitability, ecological significance and protection status.


The Habitat Assessment panel maps areas into categories of primary and secondary habitat, primary and secondary potential corridor and unsuitable lands based on landcover and habitat suitability. The user specifies parameters such as home range size, buffer widths, and gap crossing distances within range and during dispersal.

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