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Are you charged with the duty to manage compliance for legionella regulations? Do you have mane assessment forms provided by different consultants and need a system and structure to track compliance? Then our Legionella Management System (LMS) will help you. LMS is a comprehensive management and reporting information system which fully supports recording and storage of all legionella assessment findings, performing risk assessments to the control of legionella bacteria in water systems approved code of practice & guidance. LMS provides facilities to identify and assess the source of risk. For example, you receive information on conditions for water temperature between 20-45°C, schemes for preventing and controlling the risk and facilities to implement, manage and monitor precautions. LMS will assist you in recording and managing control measures to remain effective and gives you action management to regularly monitor systems and control measures.

Legionella Management System (LMS) will bring a consistent recording, managing and monitoring system to your organisation.

You probably have one or more consultants doing the assessment for you. Each consultant probably has their own assessment and reporting format. You would agree that reporting on data collected in different format and framework is a challenge. Using the LMS you have all your data stored centrally and consistently. This means you know where to go to check for information and you will have information recorded in a consistent way.

Using the LMS you will have information on all your cooling tower systems and hot and cold water systems so you have a central location for information required. LMS will provide you with a framework to assess and monitor how you are complying

  • Legionella Management System provides facility for your assessors to collect information remotely on a handheld device.
  • Using the LMS you can record information about water systems incorporating a cooling tower, water systems incorporating an evaporative condenser, hot and cold water systems, and other plants and systems containing water which is likely to exceed 20°C and release a spray or aerosol during operation or maintenance.
  • The system lets you identify high risk areas like cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and hot and cold water systems.
  • You can attach drawings to your assessment showing information about a water system, including all plant/equipment and components associated with that system-e.g., all associated pipe-work, pumps, feed tanks, valves, showers, heat exchangers, quench tanks, chillers, etc.
  • For each potential source of risk the system helps you record information on the particular means by which exposure to legionella bacteria is to be prevented or, if prevention is not reasonably practicable, the particular means by which risk from exposure to Legionella bacteria is to be controlled.
  • For each assessment, you can specify the risk level and a control measure, such as further assessment should the risk be significant and likely to increase.
  • LMS will provide you with facility for viewing all identified risks, level of severity, and control measures against the risks. Using the audit feature, you can review all historical assessment and changes.
  • You can record information about the presence (and numbers) of people who may be exposed, especially on premises where occupants are particularly vulnerable.
  • The system gives you opportunity to record information on site survey for all the water systems, including asset register of all associated plants, pumps, strainers, and other relevant items. You can include an up-to-date drawing/diagram showing the layout of the plant or system, including any parts temporarily out of use.
  • Against each of the identified assets, you can indicate which parts of the water system-for example, which specific equipment and services-may pose a risk to employees or others.
  • LMS gives you facility to publicise to employees that a Legionella risk assessment has been performed to ensure that employees are well informed about the measures and actions taken to control risks.
  • LMS lets you record information about the next assessment date.
  • LMS will provide facility to store information on who is responsible to implement the control measures and status of progress.
  • LMS will give you facility to record information about the people responsible for day-to-day control of any identified risks from Legionella bacteria.

The database is configured based on your business processes. Labels and drop down menus will be developed to match your specific requirements. Based on results of an initial survey, all your assets required to be assessed as part of compliance with Legionella regulation are either created or imported from your asset management system. The import facility for assets will provide routines that can be read from all common data formats. Then all configurations will be uploaded into the data entry application-Remote Data Collector. This application can run either on your computer or on a mobile device.

Your Surveyors can use the RDC application to collect information on assessments and water temperature. Upon completion, survey information is exported to you. The import application checks information for completeness and imports it into the database.

Then, using the Manager application, you can view the information and determine actions based on the recommendations. You can review and assess your compliance level. Once the data are imported into the database, you can run many of the standard and configurable reports to provide information to your stakeholders.

The Legionella Web Tracker helps you make the information available to all the stakeholders. The system provides notification and alerts to keep you up-to-date with regular reviews and assessments.

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