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- Maintenance Schedule Software



Properly maintained grease traps/interceptors reduce the amount of Fats, Oil and Grease entering your sewers. LinkoFOG™ software provides  exceptional schedule management tools to inform you of which FSEs are  maintaining their traps and which ones are not.

  • Setup - Easily 'Auto Schedule' the trap cleaning requirements for some or all FSEs. View maintenance schedules and maintenance history for one or many FSEs.
  • Track - Record Manifest ID, Amount Pumped, Pumper Company, Date Pumped, Date of Disposal, while LinkoFOG™ automatically records the next manifest due date.
  • Detect Late Manifests - Quickly view all late maintenance logs and/or manifest submissions.
  • Mailings - Automatically print customizable letters & mailing labels for the late FSEs. A complete correspondence history for late submissions is maintained.

  • Cradle to Grave FOG tracking
  • Saves time: customizable data entry screens
  • Improves organization by quickly displaying who has pumped and who has not
  • Instant letter generation saves time while improving consistency
  • Historical tracking of correspondence

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