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- Manifest Tracking Software



Managing high volume disposals, can be time consuming and difficult. LinkoHW makes it easy with customizable data entry screens, automatic generator look up and flexible reporting tools.

  • Disposal Tracking - Record generator, manifest ID, amount pumped, hauler company, vehicle ID, driver, date pumped, date of disposal, disposal site.
  • Cradle to Grave - Generator to disposal tracking provides a closed loop system. One click to see all pumpouts not disposed of. Ties disposals back to FOG generator in LinkoFOG.
  • Volumes - Record and tally amount disposed by type of waste, hauler, county or region, generator, time period and more for streamlined billing.
  • Reporting - Generate customizable reports and letters for a variety of user defined look ups and data sets.

  • Reduces human errors and liability!
  • Improves consistency
  • Makes data entry fast, easy and less prone to mistakes.
  • Saves lots of time.

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