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- Version 7880 - Gas Multi Point Application Software



The LumaSoft Gas Multi Point 7880 enables remote control from a personal computer of the following gas monitors: Photoacoustic Gas Monitor – INNOVA 1512, 1412i, 1314i, or SF6 Leak Detector - 3434i, and one Multipoint Sampler – INNOVA 1409. The software coordinates the functions of the instruments to form a monitoring system which, via tubing, can perform gas-monitoring tasks in up to 24 different locations. When a user sets up a measurement task using the software, the task is performed automatically and measurement data is collected and displayed on the screen.

The Monitor and the Sampler unit are connected to the computer via RS232 Serial, USB, or via Ethernet and the Local Area Network (LAN). The user decides where the measurements should be taken, and connects the Sampler unit to these locations with tubing. Air-samples are then drawn from the locations and analyzed by the Gas Monitor.

The user starts the 7880 and opens a database to receive the data from the new task and then configures the 7880 to the desired task. When the configuration is complete, the task can be started and the 7880 is in control of the instruments.

  • Remote-control of a system comprising: one Gas Monitor and one Multipoint Sampler - INNOVA 1409 with 6, 12, or 24 channels depending on the configuration.
  • Enables multi-gas sampling in up to 24 locations

  • Synchronizes the sampling functions of the sampler units to the measurement cycle of the Photoacoustic Gas-Monitors
  • For each location, the LumaSoft Gas Multi Point 7880 stores
  • up to five gas concentrations, humidity, and air pressure
  • Displays measurement data in either a table or a graphical window; data can be displayed in a Channel or Gas view mode
  • Easy exchange of displayed data for different measurement locations
  • Measurement data stored in SQL Server 2014 database
  • Online access to the measurement data via built in OPC Server
  • Login-secured access to measurement data
  • Alarm reporting for each gas at each measurement location

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