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Weighing and dispensing is one of the critical steps for regulated industries. Companies are striving to eliminate the potential for error from the manufacturing process. Mar-Kov CMS Dispensing helps ensure regulatory compliance while reducing risk within weighing and dispensing industries. Operators are guided through the dispensing process. Barcode identification helps ensure the use of correct materials and equipment. Material, equipment, and other activities are linked into a single record of production (Electronic Batch Record).
Mar-Kov can provide a complete validation-ready solution that helps reduce compliance costs while increasing productivity.

  • Operator is prompted through the weighing process, reducing the risk of errors
  • Barcode identification helps to ensure that only correct materials which have met QC approval are used
  • More efficient weigh and dispense operations increases capacity
  • Automatic purity adjust calculations deliver correct quantities for active ingredients and compensation materials
  • Equipment maintenance enforces the use of qualified equipment
  • Complete accurate traceability of raw material lots to finished batches
  • Accurate weighing is achieved through electronic enforcement and direct scale integration

  • Direct Scale Integration. Supports a large number of balances and industrial scales from various manufacturers
  • Barcode labeling of materials and equipment
  • Verifies that the status of the source material allows it to be used (QC status, expiry date)
  • Enforces cleaning, equipment maintenance, and room pre-op execution
  • Multiple scales for one weighing booth are supported. The software ensures that the scale selected can deliver the accuracy that has been defined for the ingredient/quantity
  • Automatic Purity Adjustments based on purity of active ingredients. The filler quantity is automatically adjusted based on the non-active content of the active ingredient weighed
  • Can be integrated with your current inventory system
  • Electronic signatures and witnesses
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant
  • Complete electronic batch record
  • Multiple weighing methods
  • Supports the weighing of the same ingredient for multiple orders at the same time

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