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- Version MiD Series - Open-Access Software


The MiD series runs Masscape, an intuitive, open-access software for method development and LC-MS data analysis. The Masscape software application provides full control of the data acquisition and analysis of your chemical samples.

Remote control via a LAN connection removes the need for a monitor or keyboard, making the MiD ideal for fume-hood deployment.

Masscape may be used off-line as a data analysis solution. Masscape files are in a variety of formats including NetCDF, and compatible with software from vendors including Agilent, Thermo and Waters.


The Masscape software application gives you control of sample methods and data analysis.

  • Data Capture: Mass spectra (profile and centroid) selected ion monitoring modes (SIM)
  • Data Analysis:
    • Peak integration
    • Noise subtraction and data smoothing
    • Base peak chromatogram (BPC)
    • Extracted ion chromatogram (EIC)
    • Labeling and annotation
  • Chromatogram: Retention time, peak height and area
  • Data Input: Real-time analogue input of UV trace and display in Masscape®
  • Data Output: Real-time analogue output of TIC, EIC or SIM trace
  • Data Export: CDF, XLS, CSV, PDF, JCAMP-DX, JPG data interchange via USB or LAN
  • Configuration: Remote communications API available. External trigger allowing automatic analysis of samples via method table.

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