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Matrix Hazardous Waste Tracker LIMS



Matrix Hazardous Waste Tracker is designed to track, locate and consign any type of hazardous waste samples anywhere in an organisation for compliance with regulatory authority legislation. Applications include the tracking of nuclear waste, biohazard waste from hospitals and veterinary practices and waste electrical equipment (WEE).

Benefits of using Matrix Waste Tracking Software include:

  • Easy tracking of all hazardous waste by location, type or other criteria
  • Ready separation of waste into defined categories
  • Helps compliance with waste disposal directives
  • Generation of consignment notes to meet regulatory authority guidelines
  • Production of reports, including management, audit and chain-of-custody reports

This barcode ready tracking system allows the registration of hazardous waste items, progress/status checking, chain of custody management and reporting, lookup of reference lists (e.g. the EWC list) and consignment of hazardous waste.  Details of carriers, consignees and users, with their associated authority, are all stored within the system. Matrix Hazardous Waste Tracker simplifies hazardous waste management by tracking waste to comply with the industry regulations and codes of practice associated with specific industries.

Matrix Hazardous Waste Tracker provides traceability and accountability by auditing all actions and eliminates errors by allocating a unique identifier to each item of hazardous waste. Immediate feedback on waste status is available. The system is delivered with fully configurable reports which include waste status on-site, waste status consigned off-site for specified date range plus any specific reporting required by regulatory authorities to ensure correct disposal procedures as defined in their guidelines.

All systems are fully configurable and may be configured via Autoscribe’s unique One Time Configuration tools for use over the LAN, WAN or browser interface. Systems may be easily upgraded to full LIMS / Business System Management functionality.

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