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- Version GX2 - Laboratory Requisition



The Laboratory Requisition Module in Medgate’s Industrial Hygiene Software Suite enables the results of IH samples to be quickly and efficiently uploaded and stored in the Medgate system

  • Batch samples on a laboratory requisition by laboratory, survey and/or industrial hygienist who performed the sampling
  • Send the requisition to a laboratory directly from within the Medgate system or grant them direct access to the Medgate system
  • Receive and store laboratory analytical results by either:
  • Providing laboratories with a secure ID that gives them permission to access laboratory requisitions sent to their specific lab only. The laboratory can then interface with the requisition import file to upload results
  • Exporting the laboratory requisition into MS Excel and sending via email to the lab, who can update the file with the sample results; results can then be quickly imported back into the system through the front end using the lab requisition import feature
  • View and manage all laboratory requisitions including the laboratory where samples were sent, date sent, sample status (i.e. sent to lab, lab work complete), sample number and analysis requested.
  • Reject samples back to laboratory should there be any issues with the analysis

  • Report on monitoring results on using Medgate’s Standard Reports tool (see the Monitoring Module for more information)
  • Effectively analyze sampling data with our powerful Metrics tool

The Laboratory Requisition Module integrates with the following modules in the Industrial Hygiene Software Suite:

  • Monitoring
  • Survey

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