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What data can we provide: Easily select from our wide range of global and regional weather models including: Worldwide historical model data from 1979 onwards. Radar and satellite data, including forecasts with over 280 updates daily. Temporal and spatial interpolation for each coordinate.

Available on Google Play

Delivered as a 'Platform as a Service' all the data are easily accessible thanks to the wide variety of connectors we provide for automated data, such as:

  • C++, Matlab, Python
  • ArcGis, QGIS
  • Google Spreadsheet, Google Maps

The Weather API is our own platform that allows us to provide worldwide weather data - for any application, for any industry, for any institution and for any national weather service, faster than conventional weather database systems.

Whilst  observational data on its own tells you what happened at a specific location in the past, weather model data can be interpolated to give you a forecast for any location. These forecast data can significantly deviate from the truth on the ground.

Weather models on their own typically struggle in topographically challenging environments, for example in alpine regions, where the difference between actual elevation and the modelled elevation can be significant, which impacts the quality of the forecasted parameters.

To overcome these challenges Meteomatics brings together a proven interpolation technique, the most recent observational data taken from weather stations, satellite images, and radar and combines these with model data that has already been snapped to NASA’s 90m digital terrain model. In this way we can deliver a highly accurate forecast for any location.

As Meteomatics API requests are not precomputed when you query for weather data, you always receive the most recently updated forecast data - on the fly!

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