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- Version OBSMET - DCS - Generic Observation Data Collection System


Activities related to meteorology and climatology are highly dependent on the quality of the observation data collected. To do so, each national meteorological service must operate a stable reference network of meteorological stations, providing weather observations in a timely manner. ObsMet is a generic observation data collection system which allows an easy and efficient management of a complete weather station network, whether these stations were sourced from one unique AWS supplier of from different AWS suppliers.

What Obsmet Will Do For You

  • Data collection from network of observation stations (manual, AWS, AWOS).
  • Centralization of collected data in central database at headquarters.
  • Monitoring and supervision functions for maintenance activities.
  • Quality Control.
  • Data visualization.
  • Automatic data export to other meteorological systems: AMSS, Forecaster workstation, WIS...

These are ObsMet's key functionalities. The system has many more. For further details, contact us.

Why Is Obsmet Different

Data Collection And Processing

  • Compatibility with main station supplier's data loggers: Vaisala, Lambrecht, Degreane...
  • Serial or TCP-IP interface with data logger.
  • Custom software development for integration of new model of station or data logger.
  • Automatic coding of METAR/SYNOP/SPECI messages.
  • Forms for assisted METAR/SYNOP/SPECI key entry with fields prefilled from measurements collected from data logger.
  • Scheduled message creation.
  • BUFR-encoding of METAR/SYNOP/SPECI messages.
  • Automatic SYNOP/CLIMAT messages compilation.

Quality Control

  • Consistency checks ensuring the values entered by the weather observer are consistent and within standard user-defined ranges.
  • Temporal checks alerting the operator when latest values differ too much with previous measurements.
  • Detection of duplicated messages.

Data Visualization And Export

  • Visualization functions available at both station level (AWS) and HQ level (DCS).
  • Real-time visualization of observations on geographical map.
  • Charts and diagrams for all measured parameters.
  • Wind roses diagrams.
  • Visualization of individual station parameters.
  • Calculation (means, QNH, QNE...) and export of observation reports to CSV/XLS/TXT formats.
  • Visualization of real-time and past data.
  • Automatic transmission of SYNOP/METAR using WMO TCP-IP standard protocol.
  • Export of OPMET data to XML (AvXML).

Supervision and Management

  • Web-based supervision for easy management and monitoring from headquarters, regional centers...
  • Observation database browsing and search.
  • Station metadata management.
  • Monitoring of reception status and delays.
  • Reception statistics.
  • Sensors and data flow monitoring.
  • Notifications and alarms sent by SMS/e-mail...
  • Event logger.

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