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- Water Network Advisory Software


MISER is a water network management advisory tool for optimal and operational resource planning.

MISER is a water network management advisory tool. Most UK water companies use MISER to make informed operational and investment planning decisions. It helps water companies:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Maximise yield
  • Maintain sustainable output
  • Optimise refill and target levels
  • Identify minimum required capacities
  • Make effective investment scheme decisions

Pump Scheduling (PS)

Offline pump and valve scheduling optimises energy costs via tariff management and pump performance within user-defined constraints.

Water Resource Modelling (WRM)

Used for preparation of water resource management plans (WRMP) which derive surface water deployable outputs under specified levels of service, taking account of drought control measures, demand restrictions, reservoir storage projections, conjunctive yields and climate change scenarios.

Failure Consequence Modelling (FCM)

During a failure, MISER extends the period of time before customers are affected and minimises the final number of customers impacted. It also models the consequences of outages, for example for capital maintenance planning.

Strategic Investment (SI)

The optimal scheme selection tool for investment planning taking into account scheme phasing, TOTEX and supply-demand balance at minimum NPV cost.

Production Planning

MISER assists with monthly production planning and budgeting to plan source outputs, reservoir levels and key transfers over the medium-term based on user-configured objectives, expected demand, droughts, outages, current stock levels and seasonal variations in cost. Analysing a range of timeframes, MISER minimises costs, taking into account all expenditure between source and tap while maximising security of supply.