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PHI MultiPak is the most comprehensive data reduction and interpretation software package available for electron spectroscopy. The tasks of spectral peak identification, extracting chemical state information, quantification, and detection limit enhancement are addressed with an array of powerful and easy-to-use software tools for spectra, line scans, images and depth profiles. Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7 compatible, MultiPak can be used on the instrument PC to process data in real time or on an off line PC for report generation.

Advanced Data Reduction Tools

  • Auto peak identification
  • XPS chemical state database
  • XPS spectral deconvolution
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Non-linear least squares fitting
  • Linear least squares fitting
  • Target factor analysis
  • Retrospective chemical imaging
  • Batch mode data processing

Standard Features
  • Scanned, micro-focused, monochromatic x-ray beam
  • X-ray beam induced secondary electron imaging
  • Dual beam charge neutralization
  • 128 channel mode detection
  • Large area XPS
  • Micro-area XPS
  • Chemical state imaging
  • Thin film analysis
  • Floating column argon ion gun
  • Compucentric Zalar rotation
  • Angle dependent XPS
  • Five axis automated sample manipulator
  • 75 X 75 mm sample holders
  • Two in-situ sample parking stations
  • Robotic sample handling

  • Cold sample stage and intro
  • Custom sample preparation chambers
  • Dedicated differential pumping Ar ion gun
  • 10 kV C60 ion gun
  • 20 kV C60 ion gun
  • 20 kV Ar2500+ gas cluster ion gun

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