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NoiseDesk is a web-based airport noise monitoring application that enables you to run an airport noise program without building an entire environment department.


NoiseDesk is designed to reduce the need for specialised expertise with noise monitors and correlated radar data. It ensures high data completeness and quality, leaving you to focus on your core business of operating your airport and engaging with your business and community stakeholders. 

Instead of delivering a mountain of data to sift through, NoiseDesk incorporates the know-how to inform you of what needs your attention. Airport staff work with an easy-to-learn, task focused data analysis, mapping and reporting interface, while ANOMS and Brüel & Kjær manage the background data collection and processing.

NoiseDesk enables you to easily manage a comprehensive noise program without the need for an army of people. Features include:

  • NoiseDesk System Components - Click to EnlargeNoise event and flight track analysis
  • Reporting on noise compliance and conditions
  • Running routine reports
  • Flight track compliance
  • Noise limits
  • Curfew management
  • No fly zones
  • Complaint handling
  • Providing data for noise INM noise contour generation

NoiseDesk is hosted by Brüel & Kjær in its Class A Data Centre and delivered through a secure web browser.

As a monthly subscription service with a no-nonsense contract, it provides the benefits of a complete noise monitoring solution without the need for significant up-front capital spending. This approach greatly simplifies the installation and ongoing operation and maintenance of the monitoring system.

NoiseDesk utilises the proven ANOMS system currently in use at hundreds of airports around the world and offers access to all of Brüel & Kjær's other modules including WebTrak and Flyquiet, if the airport desires them. An easy upgrade path to the full ANOMS system is provided for when the airport grows.

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