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- Version Tiny™ - Runtime Installation Tool


Tiny™ is a runtime tool for installation, management, and maintenance operations, running on a laptop under Windows XP and developed under C++. The software interfaces with the MDM central operation system for uploading installation work order programs and downloading hardware network configurations after installation.

The installation work order consists of location addresses and an installation route. The installing technician runs Tiny™ for creating an installation file with relevant data: meter serial number, hardware end point network address, meter input slots and meter reading data.

All installation data is downloaded back to the MDM central operation system and serves for network site configuration uploaded to the network units.

Tiny™ includes an additional application maintenance tool for hardware replacement and on site data reading.

  • Efficient software tool installation and maintenance of electricity, gas and water meters
  • User-friendly and menu driven
  • Interfacing with NTR end node devices via slot meter connector or by an optional IR port
  • On site uploading of network configuration and parameters to the DCU concentrator
  • Interfacing with DCU by direct RS232 port or via the GSM link
  • Optional installation route by GPS navigator.

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