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The inventory and tracking of columns and identifying what solvents are in an HPLC column are time consuming and challenging tasks for any laboratory within healthcare and life sciences organizations. Lab analysts within the research and or quality control departments must be aware of the packaging material and dimensions of their columns so they can prepare their columns for subsequent analytical procedures to ensure zero carry over or cross-contamination.

HPLC columns are costly and delicate products, which require careful management to achieve maximum performance and longevity. However, a much greater expense is lost analysis time due to continuous diverse use of columns resulting in unnecessary re-equilibration times or random column failure during a sample run.

Novatek’s Column Organizer Management Software is an essential application for tracking and managing all HPLC and GC columns and their activity within an organization’s laboratory environment. Novatek’s integrated Column Organizer Management software handles complete column inventory management providing detailed information on column:

  • Type & Profile
  • Care
  • Packing Material
  • Users & Usage
  • Manufacturer/Supplier
  • Performance
  • Location
  • Status

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can also be used to automate the process even further, providing a fully compliant and paperless environment. Offered with a column cabinet, Novatek’s integrated Column Organizer Management application is an integrated software/cabinet solution that facilitates easy and efficient column management.

The proper use of HPLC columns are one of the most critical components in managing the analytical process of any research or quality control laboratory. Novatek’s Column Organizer Management Software is an innovative solution designed to address the most challenging chromatography issues, reducing critical time-to-market timelines for healthcare and life sciences organizations.

  • Provides easy to use filters &reporting tools
  • Provides column templates & tracks the usage history
  • Automates tracking of column capacity & provides notifications when column is about to expire

  • Offers an audit trail with complete reference data & built-in Good Laboratory Practices
  • Centralizes HPLC/GC column storage, inventory & optimizes availability to minimize costs due to columns inefficiently used or lost
  • Effective column management helps prolong columns lifetime

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