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Monitoring the quality of incoming water and gases is critical for the quality of the finished product. Water is used in several areas of pharmaceutical production (i.e. rinsing, cleaning and a component of the product) and if contaminated can lead to poor quality product. The same applies to gasses used in production. This increases risk of adverse patient reaction from the final product and that may lead to regulatory citations.

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To more closely monitor the possibility of contamination of utility systems that deliver critical components for production, Novatek has added a separate  and optional utilities monitoring feature to Novatek’s Environmental Monitoring . The utility monitoring component allows you to manage your utilities data separately from environmental monitoring data . The process for monitoring utility systems can different than environmental monitoring. The Novatek Utilities Monitoring feature addresses the specific  sampling and testing requirements associated with utility systems. This combined with capabilities of the Novatek Environmental Monitoring will help to reduce the risk of contamination to your production process that can impact product quality.

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