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- Met-ocean data and emergency response simulation system


OceansMap is a web-based met-ocean data and emergency response simulation system. It consists of a GIS-based graphical user interface, a spatial database and web services from OceansMap Server. The web-interface allows users and groups to manage, visualize and analyze a variety of met-ocean data including operational model and in-situ observation data. It can also be used to set up different oil or chemical spill scenarios, run a trajectory and weathering model and visualize the results of the model. The trajectory models can seamlessly access the latest global and regional wind and current data hosted in OceansMap Server or from RPS ASA's EDS. The system also includes interactive GIS features and tools to manage spill response planning activities and assets. The system can be used as a stand-alone website or integrated into client's existing applications.

  • Fast Contingency planning
  • Common Operational Picture
  • Online Asset Management
  • Online Data Sharing
  • Met-Ocean Analysis
  • Hindcast/forecast of spill response
  • Response Resource Management
  • Geomatics Data Management

  • Multiple user group organization
  • Online data collaboration
  • Support for Online Web GIS (ArcGIS Server, GeoServer, etc.)
  • Integrated response management
  • Support data upload/download
  • Customized user-defined modules
  • Integrated oil/chemical/leeway database
  • Met-ocean data:
    • Management
    • Customizable visualization
    • Met-Ocean data analysis
  • RPS ASA model integrated:
    • OilMap Web
    • ChemMap Web
    • SAR Web
  • Seamless RPS ASA model/met-ocean data connection
  • Powerful Webservice API Suite for existing application integration

  • Latest Modeling components (Oil, Chemical, Search and Rescue)
  • Rich Meteorological and Oceanographic Data Visualization and Analysis Tools
  • WebGIS Data Catalog
  • Response Planning and Resource Management

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