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OilmapWeb is a web based system for modelling oil releases. It provides rapid predictions of the movement of spilled oil. It includes simple procedures for simulating a spill using wind and hydrodynamic data and specifying spill parameters. OilmapWeb fills the need for remote modelling of oil spills when a spill occurs. It can be coupled with GIS response resources and a multuimedia reference section containing response information to assit in resonse strategies and planning.

  • Remote oil spill modelling
  • Oil spill Response
  • Oil spill response decision support
  • Oil spill response training
  • Spill drill exercises
  • Contingency planning studies
  • Management of spill related data
  • Management of GIS resources

  • Simplified Web version of existing OILMAP desktop version
  • GIS data integration and visualization
  • Multimedia Data integration
  • Storage and visualization of response plans
  • Simplified sharing of model results between users through online shared database of scenarios.
  • Custom wind and hydrodynamic data integration
  • Linking to multimedia reference section through hot-linking from GIS data
  • Emergency response resources integration
  • Rapid impact identification

  • World-wide capability
  • Rapid sharing of model results through online database
  • Visualization and download of model results inclusing Fates, viscosity, thickness, Density, Area and Volume

The system uses widgets to control functionality by separating user tasks. Each widget has specific functionality and has an icon located on the top bar which when clicked opens the widget of interest. By hovering over the widge icont the user can see the name of the widget associated with the icon. The list of currently available widgets is as follows:

These widgets have been customized to meet the specif user needs. Additional Widgets can be custom designed to expand functionality of the system.

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