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- 2nd Level Site Server SCADA System


The OneView SCADA solution as a 2nd Level SCADA system enables head quarter monitoring, analyzing, reporting and control across a diverse fleet of turbines – type and manufactures’ brands.


A diverse portfolio (different OEM’s WTG) at the owners’ sites means more than one 1st level SCADA system. Several systems lead to more manual work, less comparable information and more difficult asset management.

Other units than the WTGs need to be monitored and accessed.

As a solution to solve these problems we offer a 2nd level SCADA system which optimizes your production and business.


2nd level SCADA combines each specific sites 1st level SCADA system and transforms them in a unified system that can be overlooked from the user headquarters. 

  • Wide range of supported interfaces via drivers    
  • Monitors unit states and raises event if alarms become active
  • Numerous OneView® SCADA modules with various add-on functionalities
  • Customizable, scalable and web-based SCADA solution with virtual tags
  • Innovative, multi-user concept with full permission to handling, access and control of live data

Not only a wind turbine or a solar collector can serve as a data source, system can be integrated to and data collection from met towers, meters and substations.

The OneView SCADA is modular - select functionality modules needed at one time and add more modules later.


Live data presentation for actual status.

The Unit Monitor model features streaming of live data for all units connected to the OneView® SCADA system, thus enabling the user to gain an overview of key data.

The Park Monitor module offers access to historical production data and production budgets for the selected units.

The Map Monitor module offers an overview of assets based on the geographical location of the units using a map of the world and icons illustrating the operational status of the unit.


The Report module contains a range of standard reports providing an overview of the unit’s performance, event statistics or other points of interest.

There are more than 10 different reports to choose from- OneView® Event Statistics, OneView® Power Curve, OneView® Production Overview, OneView® Lost Production, OneView® Wind Rose among others. 


Gives access to the historical alarms and events collected for a unit. It is possible to select multiple units and filter to specific events or views using a great variety of filters.

Consists of two main panels: Loaded Alarms and Settings.

Customizable to match your individual needs.


Data Plotter designed for analyzing the historical data stored in the OneView® SCADA databases by plotting selected data of selected duration in relation to time and data. This provides the user with an easy overview of the selected data and gives the ability to analyze data across manufacturer platforms.


The OneView® SCADA Production Module offers full access to all production data in the OneView® SCADA database. Data can be retrieved and plotted over time or as function of other data. As all data is normalized, it is possible to compare data between units of same or different type and across unit manufacturers.


The Task Handler module, accessed via the Configure tab, makes it possible to configure tasks triggered by events or time. The tasks then execute a predefined action such as sending a report via e-mail, or exporting historical data to a file.


By using the Page Creator module in the OneView® SCADA System it is possible to create single line diagrams, visualize SCADA data on turbine level and much more.


The Virtual Events module covers events defined by the user, but they can be handled in the same way as events from units or the OneView® SCADA system. The module enables consequently supervision and various ways of analyzing events targeted the exact needs of the customer.


The Applications module enables the user to make changes to the visual parts of the OneView® SCADA system i.e. the front-end web clients, as well as administration of culture and languages available to the front-end and back-end users. It provides cutomization of views addressing the need of the individual user group. Flexible language configuration for easy adaption and mobile presentation for access to data on the fly. 


The OneView® SCADA system Set-up is configured through its main web based GUI accessed via the ‘’ Configure’’ tab- The system is very flexible and the configuration possibilities match the flexibility. The structure of the System Set-up makes it easier for skilled personnel to make a complete configuration of the system.


The Tickets module in the OneView® SCADA system allows you to plan ahead, accumulate knowledge and track the energy of all your assets. With the ticket module you can create and edit events for all units which will feed in to the existing pool of events coming from the unit itself. Events of all types can be assigned according to defined categories following among others the IEC 61400-26-1 standard or any other category scheme.


Predictor allows focusing attention and resources on critical turbines and issues.  As well as carry out preventive maintenance which leads to reduced service costs as well as optimizes availability and power production.

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