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OPTImaster automatically selects DO and SRT targets, solves operational problems, and achieves energy savings of up to 25 percent. OPTImaster is a software program, which provides daily recommendations for sludge age (SRT), mixed liquor total suspended solids (MLSS) concentration, and dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration targets or set points. OPTImaster selects set points based on the activated sludge model and past plant performance; these set points minimize energy usage while maintaining the required effluent quality and reliability of operation.

  • Set points are recommended daily.
  • Set point selection algorithms are based on the activated sludge model and past plant history.
  • The data mining algorithm combined with the iteration technique provides the ability to continuously improve plant performance.

  • 2004: California Energy Commission selects, from a field of 68 applicants, Ekster and Associates Inc.’s proposal to develop DO and sludge age optimization software.
  • 2005: OPTImaster is developed.
  • 2006: OPTImaster is installed at the 32 MGD Oxnard wastewater treatment plant and, used in conjunction with DOmaster, is documented to provide a 25 percent energy savings.

  • PTImaster will save energy.
  • Energy savings can be forecasted using Ekster and Associates Inc.’s new methodology.
  • OPTImaster will improve reliability of operations.
  • OPTImaster will always inform operators about new trends in effluent quality, sludge settling, and energy demand.

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