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Pavilion8 Real-time Environmental Management


Pavilion8 REM is a new class of environmental compliance and reporting application, providing “active compliance” continuously and in real-time. REM provides a flexible, scalable solution to meet a wide range of predictive emissions, emissions monitoring and compliance reporting requirements. Sophisticated data validation and a secure metadata repository ensure all reporting information is accurate and auditable to meet the most stringent regulations.

REM automatically collects, validates and aggregates data from a wide range of disparate sources such as process data historians, DCS, LIMS, PLCs, analyzers, etc. REM provides rich, real-time visualization and reporting in a role-based, contextual format with a browser-based user interface. The environmental performance metrics are persisted in a secure metadata warehouse providing a single source of record. This repository supports annotations and audit trails for unsurpassed validation of environmental performance records.

Additionally, REM includes on-demand, self-service reports with selectable time ranges for added convenience and timeliness of environmental performance information.

Real-time Compliance Assurance

  • Reduced number of incidences or deviations
  • Reduced risk of fines/penalties associated with incidences or deviations
  • Increased performance in between “reporting periods”
  • Reduces recordkeeping and reporting costs

Verifiable and Auditable System of Record

  • Reduces validation, auditing or mitigation costs
  • Reduced fines/penalties due to errors, incomplete or inaccurate reports
  • Increased corporate governance (Sarbanes-Oxley credits trading)

Scalable Foundation for Emissions Trading Programs

  • Increased economic opportunity of credits
  • Increased corporate-wide visibility of environmental performance
  • Increased Total Benefit of Ownership

Pavilion’s Software CEM is the first Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS). Introduced in 1992 and approved by the U.S. EPA as a PEMS, Software CEM provides real-time emissions monitoring through correlations with existing instruments—resulting in accurate, fast emissions information.

A complement to REM’s performance management applications, PEMs provide a more cost-effective emissions monitoring compliance than hardware-based alternatives. Proven in more than 210 installations, PEMS use the powerful Pavilion8 model analytic engine and the patented sensor validation system to assure regulatory compliance with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Software CEM has served as the basis for PEMS requirements worldwide. Its built-in sensor validation system detects and compensates for failed or drifting sensors—resulting in higher uptime, rapid reconstruction of bad sensor values and early detection of improper unit operation. What’s more, it is a fraction of the cost of hardware CEMS to install, certify and maintain.

Compliance with Emissions Monitoring Requirements

  • Reduced risks of non-compliance with emissions monitoring requirements
  • Unparalleled PEMS accuracy and robustness
  • Freed up time to focus on other operational and environmental issues

Increase in Total Lifetime Value

  • Reduced project deployment costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased corporate governance (Sarbanes-Oxley credits trading)

Unparalleled Accuracy, Reliability and Repeatability

  • Ready regulatory acceptance because of accuracy reputation and high uptime
  • Predictable results every minute of operations

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