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GXL is a high-volume processing system purpose built for speed. Proprietary algorithms exploit the power of modern computing hardware
to deliver accurate data handling with efficient automated workflows. Using an intuitive interface, users can add or remove processing nodes
in real time to compute-intensive tasks. The result is a substantial improvement in speed and efficiency over traditional image-processing techniques.


Purpose-built to process mountains of geospatial imagery, GXL ‘s proprietary algorithms result in a substantial improvement in speed over traditional image-processing techniques.


GXL’s Job Processing System (JPS) give you complete control over your high-volume processing tasks. Add or remove processing nodes when necessary, in real time, as you monitor progress. QA tools offer the flexibility for multiple users allowing you to obtain desired output quality while managing you resources effectively.


Create flawless mosaics from terabytes of data and thousands of images with ease with GXL. Make pixel-perfect output a reality without sacrifice.

True Ortho

Through the use of a building model, PCI's aerial processing software can produce True Ortho imagery – ideal for use in urban areas to eliminate building lean and feature obstruction. Automated methods are applied to the imagery pairs to determine the best possible viewing geometry and inclusion in the final mosaic.

Live DEM Editing

High-quality DEMs are necessary to generate high-quality orthos. GXL includes sophisticated algorithms to create high-quality elevation models on which to build your orthos. Hybrid editing is efficient, fast, and gives an instant preview that allows operators to easily see errors in the underlying DEM, edit them quickly, while updating the ortho on the fly before committing to the full processing.

Accelerate Your Production
GXL is specifically designed to address industry needs for high levels of automation and production capacity. Proprietary algorithms that harness the power and precision of modern computing hardware deliver enhanced data handling with the accuracy and expedience of automated workflows. The result is a substantial improvement in speed and efficiency over traditional image-processing techniques.

  • Ortho Performance Test Results
  • Pansharp Test Results

Built-in Scalability
The GXL system grows with you, making full use of the computing resources available. Processing nodes can be added and removed as needed, allowing your system to be optimized to your production requirements.

Incredible Results
With GXL, high quality output can be obtained in record time for a variety of satellite and aerial image formats. Production throughput will increase exponentially while maintaining pixel-perfect accuracy and stunning image quality. GXL's QA tools allow you to inspect products at chosen processing breakpoints, allowing you to ensure you're getting the desired output quality.

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