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Spectrometer Verification Software (natural background) Security reasons Under current status of high level security precautions it is still harder to transport radioactive samples along with the gamma-ray instrument. Transport of radioactive samples to the foreign country becomes today almost impossible. Handling of the radioactive samples which often are not in the best condition possesses considerable hazard to the personal of surveying companies.

Apart from the transport issues, the use of samples also brings about other potential problems and hazards like possible contamination of aircraft and vehicles by leaking samples, measurements influenced by samples forgotten in pockets of operators or inside of measuring vehicles or even loss of radioactive samples.

Subsequent check-up confirmed existence of contamination inside of the aircraft cabin by Th-232 samples and non-satisfactory condition of some other samples used. Release of the Thoron gas (otherwise not detectable from the ground sources because of its short life) and namely its concentration fluctuations damaged quality of the collected data. Incurred costs for aircraft cleaning were also substantial.

Problems associated with the use of radioactive samples call for the solution which makes use of the natural radiation background for the purpose of spectrometer verification.

PEINatVerif software has been developed to energy calibrate gamma-ray spectrometers based on scintillation detectors in order to achieve high linearity of output spectra. Software design includes algorithms which deal with problems such as photopeak identification and photopeak positioning in environments with low level radioactivity and unknown composition of individual radionuclides.

PEINatVerif allows user to perform basic spectrometer verification. All results will be documented and Data file may be written for Server and Serial input for further analyses.The result information will be saved both in PDF and BNC/FNC result verification files.

Using radioactive sample-free approach seems to be logical alternative for the testing of gamma-ray spectrometers in the time of increased security measures and health and anti-hazard conscious work practices of the present time. Presented approach based solely on natural radiation can make use of up to 8 photopeaks through the typical gamma-ray spectrum.

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