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Geospatial Indexes for Territorial Planning and Strategic Environmental Assessment. Monitoring of soil loss. The synthetic and objective representation of the territory and its changes is essential to understand the evolution of anthropic and natural phenomena. Geospatial Indicators can synthesize the principal characteristics of the land through maps and numerical data, describing urban, rural and natural territory and its evolution over time.

Preciso index is the ideal solution for Public Administrations, professionals and citizens in that it can represent the complexity and dynamics of the territory through geospatial indicators in a synthetic and objective way.

These indicators have been created through consolidated procedures, in accordance with international standards and are the perfect tool to evaluate the impacts of planning policies and government decisions on the territory.

Preciso index has been designed to create a cognitive framework for urban planning and monitoring required by SEA.

Drawing up of Urban planning; Smart Government; SEA, Territorial planning. 

Public Administrations; Planners and professionals in territorial planning.


  • Simple and intuitive representation of the structure of the territory through numerical and cartographic indicators
  • Definition of conditions and historical trends through indicators
  • Urban planning objectives expressed by the same indicators utilized for the definition of conditions of the territory
  • Comparison of alternative planning based on results from the indicators
  • Monitoring the evolution of the territory by the same indicators to express the planning objectives
  • Objectively assessing the impact of the planning on the territory through the indicators

Soil Consumption Indicator (ICS)

  • Soil consumption is a key parameter in modern urban planning.
  • The Soil Consumption Index (ICS) is provided in the form of numbers (hectares lost) and cartography (geographic distribution of the consumed areas). Each soil consumed is classified according to its type (land use class categories) before and after the transformation.
  • Through the ICS it is possible to understand the dynamics of the urbanization of the area and consumption trends over time.
  • The ICS allows the comparison of different local environments, such as towns of the same region or different regions, supporting the preparation and monitoring of higher-level territorial plans.

Technical characteristics
The indicators of Preciso® index originate from the data processing of the Preciso® family products: Preciso® land, Preciso® urban, Preciso® coast.

Informative content
Preciso® index includes two types of indicators:

  • status indicators of the places to report and describe the structure of the territory
  • trend indicators to report and describe the dynamics of the territory, through historical analysis (diachronic).

The indicators are expressed through numerical data, graphs, and maps of synthesis.

The indicators provided are:

  • Land cover: type, extent and location
  • Constructions: total number of buildings and new buildings, extension and localization
  • Soil consumption: extension, localization and classification, based on the transformation of land cover classes
  • Fragmentation of the landscape
  • Sea coastal defense works (*):number, type, location
  • Coastline(*):classification, advancing/receding, percentage of protection, beachfront classification, Index of severity of beach erosion.

(*) for maritime municipalities

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