IHS Markit

Product Compliance Analysis


IHS provides visibility into requirements across every phase of product development so you can avoid costly delays to your go-to-market strategy.

Leverage emerging industry best practices by incorporating product compliance analysis into your product lifecycle management (PLM) strategy and applying it throughout your product development processes. IHS software, content and expertise can empower your internal stakeholders to adapt to regulatory changes while minimizing threats to your product marketing strategy.

Key Benefits:

  • Avoids costly reformulation or repackaging of your products by gaining a clearer understanding of the business risks associated with each product’s material composition
  • Identifies regulatory constraints early in the design process by integrating compliance requirements into your product design, development, manufacturing and shipping workflows
  • Makes informed decisions to prevent delays or disruptions to your company’s ability to reach its intended local, national, regional and global markets

The benefits of a well-managed PLM process can quickly disappear if your organization fails to account for the dynamic regulatory environment -- resulting in threats to your corporate brand or loss of access into key markets. IHS gives you confidence that regulatory information is up to date and available so operational stakeholders can analyze it against mandates in multiple jurisdictions.  We help you take action to prevent compliance risk, so employees and supply chain partners can focus on achieving operational goals rather than reviewing the impact of regulations after the fact.

With IHS software, content and expertise you can make product compliance analysis part of a unified strategy for Enterprise Sustainability Management, supported by a single world-class provider.