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- Communication and presentation PC-software for Windows

When using Professor Partyline the user gains a superb overview of all controllers. If a controller doesn't perform well it's easily detected. Changes are easily made - simply key in the new value and the controller will be updated immediately.


Trouble shooting and service

Settings can be compared to the a set of ideal or factory settings. Correcting an error is only a mouse click away. New settings can be saved for later use.

If a controller is replaced, returning to ideal settings for that controller, is only a mouse click away.

Easy setup

  • Attached controllers are scanned and configured automatically.
  • More than one location is possible - including modem connection.

Alarm logging

In case of alarm - and when parameters are set - changes are automatically time stamped and logged.

Trend curves

Temperature and humidity are presented as curves together with ventilation/fan and heat supply. Various alarm cases are shown as horizontal colored bars.

Temperature fluctuations that are not easily detected by checking the controller, now becomes very visible.

When and if errors occurs to the ventilation plant, this function is priceless.

System requirements:

  • PC using at a minimum Pentium/AMD-K6 processor.
  • Hard disk with Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP installed
  • A minimum of 15Mb free hard drive capacity for program
  • Communications-converter RS-232/RS-485 is required.
  • One free RS-232 port.

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