Our innovative approach to Leak Detection and repair is a unique program that you will find exclusively at Proactive Environmental Services. We can easily implement our system in the background of your current LDAR program and afford you the best control over your environmental department available; whether or not you choose to keep your tags in place, ProView will provide you with the ultimate in organization and management. For the fraction of the cost of maintaining tags, we will provide you with a drawing based solution to management of change challenges that is empowering professionals to run increasingly more efficient LDAR programs.

ProView was developed as the ultimate management tool in response to the industry’s need for better organization and control of their LDAR programs. ProView is not a fugitive emissions software program, and is not designed to replace your existing software; but rather is a bundle of software tools designed to simplify research, aid in the LDAR decision-making process, and provide easy access of important LDAR information to those who need it.

ProView eliminates the organizational challenges and reduces the enormous time burden that monitoring with a traditional tagging system alone requires. We use isometric images, 3-D images rendered in 2-D that are common in the industry, to locate and account for each component within a system. The tags are still there, but now we also have a map to show us not only where they are, but how they relate to other components and equipment.

  • Isometric drawings are done from the perspective of the technicians
  • All information pertinent to your program is encoded on each drawing
  • Easily maneuver from one drawing tho the next along any line
  • Setup geographically to establish most efficient monitoring route
  • Multi purpose drawings are useful to many other departments

One time only setup.
Never waste time and money retagging again
Our system doesn’t require the use of tags. In our experience LDAR programs with a tag based system require a retagging effort on average every 5 years due to program changes and loss of tag integrity. The use of isometric drawings allows for greater control by your program administrator and technicians to manage process changes encountered during routine monitoring. This allows each monitoring event to be a quality control event.

Higher level of compliance.
Manage your changes more effectively and ensure you are capturing all of your regulated components
The ProView system gives you the tools to continuously adapt to process and operational changes to your LDAR program. Our completely customizable isometric drawings allow you to note compliance issues such as DTM/UTM components, regulations, process streams, exemptions and any other information pertinent to your program. These tools allow more efficient and effective monitoring and program management.

Increased productivity.
Save hundreds of man hours by eliminating the search for missing, added, deleted, difficult to monitor, or components in need of repair
Our system will allow you to locate all points quickly and identify changes to your system with complete certainty. Each LDAR drawing is a visual representation of the as-built field conditions, allowing technicians to locate components without struggling to interpret text descriptions. Landmarks and reference points are added to the drawings to provide additional aides for identifying relevant equipment. By simplifying component identification, our technicians improve their monitoring efficiency by up to 20%.

Reduced audit exposure.
Always be audit ready
ProView has integrated intuitive measures that provide multiple layers of compliance during each monitoring event. Our managers strive to supplement the system with performance measurables related to the performance of both our technicians and our equipment to assure complete program integrity and documentation. We don’t believe in preparing for and audit, we believe in a system that gives our clients complete assurance that they are always ready.

Permanent solution.
Spend your time improving your compliance, not maintaining a broken system
An accurate database is one of the most essential if not the most essential components of a highly developed LDAR program. The ProView system is built around this basic but critical philosophy. This philosophy has driven us to build a system that focuses on database integrity and managing changes successfully. ProView is the permanent solution to all of LDAR’s toughest challenges.

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