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Are you responsible for managing asbestos? Do you need to maintain compliance with asbestos regulations but find it challenging? Asbestos Web Tracker might be the solution you are looking for. Asbestos Web Tracker makes it very easy for anyone to search for key information on asbestos from an online portal, accessible through your desktop and mobile devices. To use this application, all that is required is a web browser. No further installation of any specific software is needed.

We have three different options for you to complete your surveys and make your data available on Asbestos Web Tracker. 

  • Option 1 - using an application that runs on your tablet;
  • Option 2 - Entering data directly on the Asbestos Web Tracker portal which can be done from your desktop or on site;
  • Option 3 - upload your data using an XML format. This means you are free to use your own survey program and load the data into Asbestos Web Tracker.

Once the data is made available on Asbestos Web Tracker you can easily access it and have different views supporting you with taking key business decisions. For example you can see how many properties have been surveyed, what type of surveys have been done, when they were surveyed, what is the risk summary, your historical survey program and your future survey and re inspection schedules.

As well as summary information you have easy facility for your caretakers to view information on specific locations within the properties and have access to all support documents like photos, certificates, drawings, lab certifications and historical audit.

Throughout the Asbestos Web Tracker, there is an e-mail facility everywhere you'd want to send important information through an e-mail. For example, you want to find our general information about all the properties within the database, so you run a query against the whole property database. You have the information on the screen of your computer, but you want someone else to have this information too. Asbestos Web Tracker can help you this. You can simply click e-mail, and e-mail all the information that is present on your screen, or you can even export this information to an Excel format document and share it with the relevant parties.

There is also an electronic Maintenance Log that can be used to assist you in tracking all maintenance activities. For example if you want to make sure that all your contractors are accessing the Register before commencing the work the Maintenance log is the solution for you. On the maintenance log you can specify the location where maintenance is taking place, when is due to start and finish, load up risk assessment documents, photos and videos. Within the same screen you will have information on asbestos on the selected location and access to all require supporting documents. The system keeps track of all contractors checking the register before commencing the job. This way you can see who is and who is not checking the register.

If searching by location is not what you like, you can also search through all photos within a property and by a simple click access key information such as location or Asbestos status.

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