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Compliance is now such a critical issue that it is no surprise that an effective compliance system is one of the best investments a company can make. Organisations must ensure that their employees meet all current legal and regulatory requirements. Organisations must comply with an ever-increasing number of regulatory mandates. And regulatory compliance involves a complex information flow and document management from creating, monitoring and tracking information to reporting and illustrating audit trails. PSI compliance modules integrate seamlessly via WEB services with other systems to provide you with a fully integrated system.

During a compliance audit, you will be asked to show how your system, procedures, and guidelines assist you with various compliance needs. You receive no advance warning of inspections, and audit frequency is targeted to increase. You will be required to access documents, provide evidence, and illustrate systems and procedures to prove that you have adequate measures in place. Accessing all this complex information is very time consuming and requires a great deal of planning and structure. And by no means will this be a onetime activity. You must review your procedures frequently to maintain effective implementation. Paper based systems or unstructured spreadsheets do not give you the control you need. Manual systems can actually hide information from you simply due to the magnitude of the organisational task.

Compliance Management System gives you a management system that clearly states how well you meet each compliance category. All the required information is stored in one place, accessible via the web to illustrate the effectiveness of your systems, procedures, guidelines, and current compliance status. You'll be given a bird's eye view that illuminates which compliance components you have adequately addressed and which potentially require further attention. CMS saves you time and money. It organises your evidence to keep it current, valid, and ready to support your inspection assertions.

Compliance Management System (CMS) is configured based on your business processes, policies, procedures, and guidelines. CMS handles compliance management for different regulations. After an initial assessment, the CMS can be configured to track compliance with all required regulation. Each regulation is divided into a series of outcomes; each outcome into a list of components; and each component into a set of guidelines.

You can create as many evidences as you like to support each guideline. Referral to exiting procedures, policies, or systems is a good example of evidence. Creating evidences against guidelines means you can monitor those guidelines for which you have evidence.

CMS integrates with other compliance solutions from PSI to provide capability to track from regulation all the way through data collection, assessments, audits, and control measure implementation. CMS gives you a central repository where you can review the effectiveness of your regulation compliance system. CMS offers you ease of mind and confidence that you can illustrate all your quality control and compliance activities and efforts. CMS means no more last-minute checking and updating all your records and documents just prior to an audit.

  • CMS offers the facility to enter multi regulation compliance.
  • You'll have the ability to break down each regulation into outcomes, components, and guidelines.
  • CMS lets you track Procedure and Policy Review dates
  • For each of the above CMS helps you compile and state evidence to illustrate compliance.
  • All your quality and compliance tasks are organised in one place.
  • For each regulation outcome, you can use a configurable questionnaire to illustrate your methods for system checking.
  • Evidence can be linked to electronic forms, documents, or an application to provide proof of system effectiveness.
  • CMS gives you action management with automatic notification to review your evidence to ensure ongoing effectiveness.
  • The management reporting feature gives you accurate, up-to-date information.
  • CMS is supported by your own policies.
  • The programme has full alerting to advise when review is needed.
  • Rapid information gathering.
  • Comprehensive Report Generator.
  • Graphical, textual, and tabular reporting.
  • Email alerting on dates, actions, and reviews.
  • Alerts can be organised for either teams or individuals.

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