Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S

- Version Type 7761 - Acoustic Test Consultant Software



A PULSE application to simplify multi-point acoustic measurements and produce reliable test data, this reduces test time and works with PULSE to support all aspects of the measurement process. The basic Acoustic Test Consultant software has a separate robot option that makes the measurement process fully automatic, and a position detection option to determine the positions of microphones in a hand-held microphone array

  • Sound pressure and sound intensity mapping
  • Acquisition of acoustic data for acoustical holography, STSF, non-stationary STSF, beamforming and spherical beamforming applications
  • Sound power determination and ranking
  • Contribution analysis

  • Task-oriented software
  • Automated measurement sequencing
  • Easy-to-use geometry generator
  • User-definable validation criteria with status notification during measurements
  • Robot option for automatic testing or in 'no entry' areas
  • Position detection option for use with hand-held microphone array
  • Automatic data storage  
  • Geometry-controlled data acquisition system for microphones or sound intensity probes

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