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Q5AIMS Safety Audit and Inspection System was initially developed for the occupational safety and health user - to help make the process of performing a safety audit and inspection - and managing associated follow up actions - faster, easier, better.

Over time, Q5AIMS software has evolved to incorporate many safety audit and inspection best practices for various industries. The result - Q5AIMS has become the safety audit software of choice for many industries internationally.

Q5 customers have performed thousands of safety audits, inspections and assessments. Q5AIMS is used for the internal safety audit, for federal and state OSHA compliance, industry-specific regulatory compliance, ad-hoc site inspections, behavior-based safety, and point scoring systems.

Q5AIMS is applied for aviation safety, marine safety, construction and manufacturing, warehousing, mining, oil field and well inspections, brewery facility inspections, forestry, loss control for insurance organizations, OHSAS 18001, and ILO guidelines-based checklists, to name a few.

When it comes to the safety audit, we’re not an overnight sensation, for good reason. While we had the insight to develop a safety audit and inspection technology, Q5AIMS has been guided and refined over time by people who understand the business of safety best, our clients. It has been a long-term relationship.

That’s why, we can claim with confidence, our Q5AIMS safety audit software is the best. Because our customers say so.

Benefit from 360° Vision!

  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Reporting
  • Enhance Decision Making
  • Reduce Risk

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