Quarry Management Software


A typical transaction would consist of a vehicle arriving on site to collect or deliver a specific product. Upon entering the vehicle registration all known data regarding the vehicle will be retrieved, this in the case of known vehicles might include the vehicle tare, haulier and the vehicle characteristics including the maximum weight capacity. A daily order or contract will be assigned and the vehicle weighed and its data stored. Upon loading the vehicle will return to the weighbridge for a final weigh. For cash transactions the amount payable will be printed on the ticket, for account customers the data is stored for later invoice purposes.

The transaction is complete and the vehicle leaves site with a transaction docket to be signed by the customer upon receipt of the load. This is considered to be the proof of delivery, upon the vehicles return the signed ticket is recorded within the system to state that a proof of delivery has been returned. This action verifies that the customer has accepted the load to trigger account invoicing and also to release the load for the haulier self-bill report. A scan facility has been made available in that the POD document is scanned into the system making this data available at head office and for historic data storage.

In addition to the normal activities, waiting time can be recorded for activities where the customer might delay the unloading of the material, this might apply to cement, blacktop and any delivered dry product.

  1. Quotation screen
  2. Quotation contract management
  3. Proof of delivery(POD)
  4. Product collection or delivery
  5. Transaction invoicing
  6. Waste disposal invoicing
  7. Link to accounts (Sage, Pegasus, and Bespoke)
  8. Job/contract management
  9. Historic reports
  • Daily analysis
  • Bespoke reports
  • Daily orders
  • Postcode database
  • Link to Email
  • Automatic Scanning of POD Tickets

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