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Radioisotope Tracking Module Software


Compliance with strict isotope license rules and limits is critical to a facility’s operations.  Monitoring where, how, how much and by whom radioisotopes are used provides real-time information that can be reviewed instantly so that necessary adjustments can be made.

Through easy to use menus and options, our Radioisotope Tracking System (RTS) monitors facility licenses, isotope limits, location limits, radioisotope use authorization, decay, disposal and reporting.

Our RTS addresses all the unique issues associated with the acquisition, approval, storage, use, decay, monitoring, disposal and regulatory reporting of radioisotopes

The Radioisotope Tracking System software is designed to help manage the flow of radioisotopes in a multi-user and multi-facility environment. Good safety practices as well as strict federal regulations require that radioisotope use be managed from the facility license down to an isotope’s smallest denomination. By dynamically decaying isotopes in real-time, the Radiation Safety Officer has a real-time view of individual isotope activity at each facility, location, Radioactive Use Authorizations (RUAs) and individual experiments. The system automatically alerts the RSO and Environmental Health and Safety staff via email when an event occurs that has or may cause an issue of compliance or safety. The RTS is easy and intuitive to use and operate through smart menus and actions, it reduces the time required to keep information up-to-date, simplifies the movement, monitoring, and disposal and ensures compliance with facility and isotope license limits.

The EMS waste management module has tools that simplify the recording, disposal and reporting of radioactive mixed waste. EMS has simple and intuitive tools that allow authorized personnel to record mixed waste activity that is being disposed. EMS has built in radioisotope decay calculations, so whether in inventory or being disposed, radioisotope activity can be calculated with accuracy and precision, which supports compliance monitoring.

  • Track, monitor and manage employees that use radioactive materials
  • Set-up processes and controls to authorize employee use and track exposure
  • Track, monitor and locate isotopes within facilities, laboratories, company departments, and/or projects
  • Maintain, display and print facility and lab diagrams with isotope inventory links for easy access and view
  • Schedule and monitor vial transfer (including history)
  • Schedule and monitor disposition (including history)
  • Manage inventory, control and record use
  • Barcode scanners – wireless and wired handheld devices
  • Manage half-life and automated tracking from radioactive to biohazard
  • Schedule and monitor transfer (including history)
  • Schedule and monitor disposition (including history)
  • Automated ordering and authorization with linkage to EMS Task Management Module
  • Real time validation against RUA constraints (People, Locations and Activity Levels)
  • Automated and scheduled reordering
  • Searchable databases of available isotopes
  • Receiving
  • Waste Isotope Requisitioning and Tracking
  • Standard and customizable reporting
  • Isotope possession Reports
  • Purchase Order Reports
  • Isotope Transfer Reports
  • Waste Drum Reports
  • Isotope Disposition Reports

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