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Real-time Environmental Management (REM)


The Rockwell Software Pavilion8 REM, from Rockwell Automation, is a new class of environmental compliance and reporting application, providing “active compliance” continuously and in real-time. REM provides a flexible, scalable solution to meet a wide range of predictive emissions, emissions monitoring and compliance reporting requirements. Sophisticated data validation and a secure metadata repository ensure all reporting information is accurate and auditable to meet the most stringent regulations.

REM automatically collects, validates and aggregates data from a wide range of disparate sources such as process data historians, DCS, LIMS, PLCs, analyzers, etc. REM provides rich, real-time visualization and reporting in a role-based, contextual format with a browser-based user interface. The environmental performance metrics are persisted in a secure metadata warehouse providing a single source of record. This repository supports annotations and audit trails for unsurpassed validation of environmental performance records.

Additionally, REM includes on-demand, self-service reports with selectable time ranges for added convenience and timeliness of environmental performance information.

Active Compliance Assurance

  • Reduces risk of fines/penalties associated with exceeding permit limits
  • Increases performance in between 'reporting periods'
  • Reduces number of incidences or deviations
  • Reduces record keeping and reporting costs

Verifiable and Auditable System of Record

  • Reduces non-compliance fines/penalties due to errors and incomplete or inaccurate reports
  • Reduces verification, audit or mitigation costs
  • Increases total lifetime value by leveraging current IT investment

Scalable Foundation for Emissions Cap and Trade Programs

  • Increases economic opportunity of emission performance (credits)
  • Reduces corporate exposure and risk
  • Increases Total Lifetime Value of investment

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