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- Version FUG - Fugitive Emissions Tracker Software


Leak detection and repair recordkeeping and reporting tool. Emission estimates for fugitive equipment. This stand-alone module provides facility owners with a powerful tool to manage equipment subject to Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) requirements under NSPS and NESHAPs.

  • Maintains master component logs for equipment such as valves, flanges, pumps, connectors, and seals
  • Identifies components subject to monitoring
  • Specifies leak limits
  • Aids in scheduling monitoring events based on component history
  • Generates monitoring reports in accordance with the type of required monitoring program
  • Calculates emission inventory data from component leak rates and individual stream compositions

  • Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, and NT 4.0 compatible
  • Requires approximately 50 MB hard drive space
  • Minimum processor capability: Pentium computer, 32 MB RAM
  • Requires a video card capable of 800 x 600 16-bit high color resolution
  • Capable of data exchange with other databases
  • Capable of Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and object linking and embedding (OLE)
  • Can be installed as a shared network resource
  • Secure, password-protected application with multiple levels of user access
  • Technical support from RFS Consulting, Inc. available during normal business hours

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