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- Relative Humidity and Temperature


Accurate and reproducible results Standards 'Certified' by Nature Fast equilibration design Excellent temperature uniformity and control (0.1C)Temperature probe (RTD) with +- 0.1C Accuracy, 0.01C readability Removable Teflon cartridges for standards or samples Accommodates different RH probe sizes RH and T data transfer protocol for ROTRONIC digital RH probes External gas flow-through or hermetically closed operationLCD display for standalone operation USB / Serial link to PC Windows based software for data transfer and processing Can be equipped w/ barometric pressure transducer, air pump, gas syringe Very low cost Lab or field operation Convenient and inexpensive analysis.

  • Calibration of digital and analog RH probes
  • Study of RH sensor characteristics at different RH, pressures, and   temperatures
  • Moisture analysis of various samples
  • Sampling of gases from remote locations and analyzing their moisture content

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