IHS Markit

Risk Register


Prioritize and effectively manage multiple risks by aggregating data across multiple departments, facilities, processes and/or methodologies. IHS provides a central register of significant risks captured through all of your risk assessments so your leaders can make informed decisions.

Implement an enterprise-wide risk register built on IHS software, content and expertise in order to align corporate governance objectives for risk management. IHS eliminates information silos and drives risk-profiling from the bottom up – from the operational frontlines to your executive offices  --  in order to rank risks and allocate resources for prevention or mitigation.

An IHS risk register collects, and compiles organizational risks across previously disjointed processes and sub-processes so company managers can model, mine, and analyze the information they need for real-time decision making.

Key benefits:

  • Analytics across all types of risks and thresholds provide plant managers and executives with knowledge of issues impacting projects, facilities, business units, regions or the entire company
  • Organization of risk data in a variety of ways – by organization, by product, by process or by site – to support harmonization of risk throughout your organization
  • Governance of all risk management processes through visibility of key performance indicators in Risk Assessment, Incident Management and Management of Change processes
  • Prevents misunderstandings between partnering teams by communicating risk information and analysis more clearly among multiple stakeholders
  • Provides timely, accurate information for both business forecasting and compliance with local regulations and guidelines

With IHS software, content and expertise, you can make this EHS&S risk register part of a unified strategy for Enterprise Sustainability Management, supported by a single world-class provider.