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ROHR2fesu - Finite Element Analysis of Substructures in ROHR2

ROHR2fesu is an additional module in the program system ROHR2 for detailed analysis of local segments in pipes and vessels. ROHR2fesu offers the easy-to-use modeling of sub-structures by nearly any circle and elliptic geometry using shell elements , fully integrated in the ROHR2 framework. This enables to carry out detailed analysis of critical segments inside the framework of the entire model. The shell element sub-structure analysis is carried out using FE-method. The mesh generator of ROHR2fesuU automatically integrates intersections of branches, trunions, and nozzles with and without reinforcement. ROHR2fesu allows controlling the mesh resolution in a simple way. ROHR2fesu has been verified extensively by comparison against reference solutions of standard problems.

The main focus of the ROHR2fesu application is on problems in piping and vessel models where stiffness and/or stress analysis needs to be performed, as there are:

  • Intersections of piping elements generally,
  • Special components for which internal pressure design stress codes are available but no calculation norms for external forces and moments
  • Components where the standards of k- and i-factors are unsatisfactory
  • Special components without k- and i-factors defined in the stress codes
  • Analysis of local stress utilization, e.g. for life-time analysis
  • Optimization of details in pipe and vessel constructions
  • Nozzle and cams at vessel with or without reinforcement
  • Big diameter tubes with miter bends
  • Calculations with to measured pipe segments (as-built) , e.g. bends
  • Damage analysis at corroded or eroded pipes
  • Detail analysis of bend deformation due to internal pressure or bending in oval bends
    Of course the standard pipe components (e.g. acc. to EN 13480) can be modeled and calculated in ROHR2fesu


  • Cone, centric, eccentric, or elliptical
  • Cylinder (conus special shape)
  • Pipe bend as Ideal sound bend, miter bend or measured bend
  • Torus, convex or concave
  • Spherical slice or ellipsoid slice

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