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Ensure compliance with comprehensive offshore design code coverage in SACS Offshore Structure. Improve design for operational safety through ship impact and dropped object analysis, and minimize risk through offshore-specific load generation. Visualize complex structural response via interactive graphical review of analysis and fatigue. Avoid rework and project delays by collaborating with naval architecture teams through integration with MOSES.

Improve the analysis and design process for all types of offshore structures using SACS integrated, offshore-specific capabilities. Choose the version that aligns with your project needs:

  • SACS Offshore Structure – Save time with wizards to create high-fidelity models for each phase of the design process from initial through to final design, and redesign for lifecycle extension. Simplify management and analysis of complex models through automated structural workflows
  • SACS Offshore Advanced – Produce optimized, high-quality topsides for fixed and floating structures by extending SACS Offshore Structure with wind loading analysis capability
  • SACS Offshore Enterprise – Create fit-for-purpose designs by expanding SACS Offshore Advanced with wave loading to complete a full range of capabilities for static structural analysis and topside analysis, and for analysis of jackets, wharfs, and dolphin structures

Analyze offshore structures
Predict behavior of a platform or topside structure with comprehensive analyses, including full non-linear, dynamic, and impact effects. Use integrated modules to model pile-soil interaction and apply wind, wave, seismic, ship impact, dropped object, and blast loads.

Automate offshore structural workflows
Manage multiple analyses with customizable templates working from a common structural model. Automatically pass data from one analysis step to another, incorporating industry-standard methodologies. Simplify management of large, complex models for design exploration with automated workflows.

Ensure compliance to offshore design codes
Ensure structural compliance using built-in checking. Filter results for critical conditions. Optimize design and configuration for compliance to numerous current and past international codes including API, AISC, EC, ISO, DNV, and Norsok. Deliver compliance documentation.

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