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- Decision Support System For Effluent Management


With the effluent management system SAWACO (SAve WAter COsts) you will definitely reduce the waste water load discharged into the final effluent – and with that make a valuable contribution to the protection and preservation of our environment. With this decision support system you also reduce waste water costs in a significant way, by which the profitability of your company is increased.

The outstanding potential of SAWACO is used by the overlapping management of all waste water plants. You will optimise the efficiency of the total system of plants in your company for interception, handling, treatment and discharge of waste water. You can use SAWACO, to prove that you observe the requirements for discharging waste water into the final effluent – or you check and optimise the treatment of waste water from planned new plants.

SAWACO guarantees you a clearly higher process stability of the total waste water system in the company. This has effects on the production plants connected and generates also positive economical results. Moreover, you will significantly reduce the costs for internal waste water control and help the environment.
SAWACO controls all input data for consistency and plausibility. For this several algorithms are used. These are based on stoichiometric calculations and comparisons with the stored minimum, average and maximum values of the various waste water flows. In this way the system detects incomplete or faulty measuring values and suggests corresponding corrections. Faulty values are excluded from the calculation. The inference component of SAWACO in certain cases also allows the derivation of missing, but necessary data from known values. The last possibility is to fall back upon estimated values or a user request.

With SAWACO you save considerable costs at planning new as well as optimising existing plants. Without expensive engineering services you are able to find out, whether you have to extend your central waste water treatment facility if additional waste water is to be cleaned. The results offer you a solid basis for the licensing procedure.

The individual circumstances in your company determine the actual savings. At dry weather you may anticipate a waste water load reduction of approximately 10 %, aided by SAWACO. If you have SAWACO also configured for the management of rain water, you even can reduce the waste water load by 20 % and more.

In order to allow SAWACO, to help you saving money, some preconditions must be fulfilled: basis for the expert system SAWACO are complete and relevant data of the various operating conditions of the operating units with their waste water partial flows connected to the waste water system. Of the same importance is a copy true to detail of your waste water process flow chart in a form acceptable for SAWACO. The biggest part of necessary information is supplied by the waste water register.

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