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TWLIT stands for Thermal Work Limit Information Technology and it pronounced as “twilight”. The PC software developed by Scarlet Tech to works with TWL-1S Heat Stress Detector. TWL-1S is a great device for long-term recording and TWLIT is created to setup logging parameters and download data out of the device and export the data into CSV format for your further analysis with Excel or other tools. To download data. To configure device.


For long term monitoring. For forecast. For you. To profile work site or to build up the database of heat condition of an area, TWL-1S data logger function helps greatly in this job by periodically recording parameters: dry bulb, wet bulb, wind speed and globe bulb temperature.

TWLIT ease the task further with simple user interface and strait forward operation. It is very easy to use the software to download recorded data out of the box.

We ever tested TWLIT on the following platform.

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3

Hardware and software requirement.

  • Recommended Minimum: Pentium 1 GHz or higher
  • 512 MB RAM or more
  • Minimum disk space 20 MB
  • Microsoft .NET Framework is needed.

Following steps go through the procedure of installation.

  1. Step 1 Following the instruction to install USB driver.
  2. Step 2 Following the instruction to install TWLIT.msi.
  3. Step 3 TWL.exe will be found in Start > All programs > TWLIT > TWL.exe, click to launch.
  4. Step 4 Turn on TWL-1S meter and connect it to PC via USB cable shipped with the box.
  5. Step 5 You should see green light on the right top of TWLIT panel.

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