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Simplify regulatory requirements from scheduling, to collecting, to reporting. Keeping up with ever-changing government regulations can be a challenge. SEMS Technologies’ solution, monitoring schedules are easily viewed on our Outlook-style calendaring system. Daily logs are converted to an electronic format on either SEMS Mobile – Benchsheets or entered directly in SEMS. Connect your Lab and SCADAsystem directly to SEMS eliminating/reducing data entry requirements. SEMS database management can automatically produce your monthly, quarterly or annual reporting requirements to the state.

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  • Improve shared knowledge: Handle sampling compliance on an easy-to-use calendar to via a central database providing robust data management
  • Reduce Human Error: Collect your daily readings out in the field/plant on a smartphone/tablet eliminating the handwritten paper clipboard and manual entry.
  • Save valuable time: Through automated report generation, required State-specific reports, and process control are completed in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Eliminate arduous research time: Immediate access to all sample, meter, chemical, and precipitation data. Arduous research time in your filing cabinets.
  • State Monitoring Schedule: Automatically generates your required monitoring sample schedule via a user-friendly calendaring system with a three-step monitoring process: New, Collected, and Completed. As results are entered, if the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) is exceeded they are flagged within SEMS.
  • Daily Log: Ability for operators to enter in the necessary result information from daily round sheets. Customizable to your system and current workflow process. Connect other programs to your database with Lab Connect or SCADA Connect.
  • Reporting: Reports are automatically generated from your database, eliminating extra steps and possibilities for human error. Normal reports include but not limited to: Monthly (MOR), Quarterly and/or Annual Water Quality Report (CCR). Users also can utilize our Definable Report Component to build your own internal reports.
  • Database Management: Historical sample records are stored within your secure, centralized SQL database. Users have the ability to search/query your database by multiple filter options: location, parameter/contaminant and/or date range.

Automated Monitoring Schedule

State water quality monitoring schedule is displayed electronically with the necessary samples needed to be taken on SEMS’ custom designed calendar system.

Mobile Benchsheet

Quick, effective collection of daily readings in the field/plant eliminating the need to manually enter handwritten results into excel multiple times reducing human error.

State/Internal Reporting

Automated State and/or Internal reporting by utilizing the complied data from your SEMS database to required generate your monthly (MOR), quarterly, and annual (CCR) reports.

Lab Connect

Lab results from your contract or internal lab EDD/EDT files are directly imported into SEMS database eliminating manual entry and human error.

SCADA Connect

Daily readings of meters and/or probes are automatically uploaded to SEMS from your SCADA or Historian.

Data Management

Centralized storage of all samples, meter readings, chemicals, and precipitation in a single location. Ability to query and export filtered data on location, parameter, and date range into excel. Eliminate arduous research time with immediate access to all your data removing the need of all the filing cabinets.

SEMS Analytics

Powerful custom reporting engine, combined with excel pivot tables provides robust reporting capabilities. Access to data from the SEMS database allowing you to create custom reports that can be refreshed at anytime.

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