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One of the most powerful tools a Learning Management System can provide is information. Because knowledge is power. ShareKnowledge dashboards and analytics provide easy to understand data reports about your learning programs that will identify what is working, what is not and what needs to be changed. In fact, there is no need to be a business intelligence expert with dashboards - everybody can be involved in the process. Dashboards also put all of the information pieces together so you don't have to. With the data it collects from a variety of business systems, you can see anything from exact historical snapshots for compliance needs to restated historical records for accurate trend analysis. This powerful information provides you exactly the tools you need to make an educated choice about how to optimize your learning programs. 

Why choose ShareKnowledge Dashboards? 

First and foremost, our customers appreciate the ease and simplicity of how ShareKnowledge presents data without sacrificing details. 


With over 50 ready-to-use reports and dashboards available to choose from, it's easy to quickly have the information you need at your fingertips when you need it.


Do you need custom reports? We offer that too.


ShareKnowledge dashboards and analytics run the gamut from very general summary-type reports such as team performance or learning plan completion to highly detailed reports for compliance.


And  when you have the data you need, it's as easy as one simple click of a button to export to Excel or PowerPoint.

SHAREKNOWLEDGE is the answer for quick, easy and detailed reports Increase efficiencies with integration

Putting all the puzzle pieces together from various business systems allows for a complete learning picture. Easily and quickly analyze against data from your HRIS or any other system.

  • ShareKnowledge is built on Microsoft SharePoint (which is already integrated within your IT environment and a part of your infrastructure)  making it especially easy to ‘talk’ with all of your other business systems -- no manual work involved
  • Information can be accessed instantly from almost anywhere, without wasting resources on data extraction and tying data from different sources together, employees are better informed and can make more accurate, faster decisions

Flexible permissions make pulling a report hassle-free

ShareKnowledge alleviates the frustration that front-line managers and others have when they can’t access a report because they don’t have administrator access to the LMS.

  • ShareKnowledge permissions allow you to control who has access to the LMS by:
    • role
    • department
    • any other category
  • No more waiting for the LMS administrator to do reports for your department when you can do them yourself

Make better business decisions with ShareKnowledge dashboards

With all pertinent information located in one easy-to-read dashboard, you can easily monitor learning performance, increase visibility, agility and save time.

  • ShareKnowledge dashboards take complicated data and turn it into a visually pleasing and easy to understand format
  • Save time manually collecting data. Dashboards let you quickly see the most important information so you can make smart business decisions
  • Dashboards provide current data so that you can quickly change course on learning programs if needed

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