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ShareKnowledge, a learning management system built for SharePoint, offers unparalleled access to features that make the employee onboarding process not only efficient, but impactful. Every extra day new employees spend on the learning curve is a day they are not generating revenue for your company. An effective employee onboarding program will successfully expedite the ramping process and reduce the amount of time before those new hires can start contributing. If done right, organizations can reap a host of benefits including reduced costs, increased production, raised morale and diminished employee turnover. ShareKnowledge understands that onboarding new hires is a crucial element in both individual and organizational development and that is why we specifically designed a system that provides all the tools and features necessary to create a successful employee onboarding program.

Why choose ShareKnowledge for your onboarding needs?

Shareknowledge demonstrates how to successfully incorporate the 4 C's of onboarding (Compliance, Clarification, Culture, Connection) with their unique software that is built on SharePoint – providing a truly integrative LMS experience.

Employers can expect a host of benefits including reduced costs associated with learning on the job, time saved, ability to track new employee progress, create audit reports to ensure compliance, and understand which pieces of content are most utilized and shared. On the flip side, new employees will spend less time looking for learning materials, stay connected to other onboarding employees and supervisors, provide feedback to the new employer and so much more.

SHAREKNOWLEDGE for employee onboarding is the answer for guiding new employees on a path to success

Reduce risk and liability with compliance training

Compliance training is essential for new employee’s to learn basic legal and policy related rules and regulations. Reduce costs and streamline the onboarding process while creating an audit trail to ensure compliance.

  • Adding an e-signature requirement to training materials ensures a learner has acknowledged that they have read and understood the training content
  • Advanced workflows and version control make certain that only the most current and up-to-date copies of SOP documents and other important training material is used
  • Post acknowledgement test results are archived to ensure an auditable record
  • Schedule automatic recurring events for additional refreshment training

With the right clarification tools, your employees will always be in the know

Ensure employees understand their new jobs and related expectations

  • Create a personalized learning catalog with interlinked learning activities (materials, eLearning courses, tests, videos and training sessions)
  • Assign a quiz to a training course that is scheduled automatically within a certain time period after course completion
  • Create a new employee team site or HR Portal that includes organizational information and resources
  • Keep new employees organized with task lists that sync with Microsoft Outlook and Calendar

Align your new employee workforce with company culture

Provide new employees with information about your company culture

  • Tailor your site with a logo and customized skinning to reflect your organization's brand book
  • Customize any page with additional text, links, surveys, apps etc.
  • Create a centralized HR portal in SharePoint that provides pertinent company info such as policies and regulations, news, vision statement, systems, etc.

Foster connection and relationship

Assist new hires to build their internal support networks

  • Foster lively communication and engagement with SharePoint social features (wikis, forums, discussions, newsfeed)
  • Create a new employee My Site - serving as a point of contact for other employees to find information on their skills and interests
  • Share expertise and seek help among the organization with SharePoint Communities
  • Award badges in community sites to employees such as “peer mentor” or “new hire buddy”

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