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Profile 3.0 is an intelligent data manager with the best analytical tools in the industry. It incorporates monitoring data from ADS monitors and other flow meters for analysis and reporting. Profile 3.0 is serious software for serious users yet it is easy to use and can operate for a single monitor or monitor networks of any size without limitations. From basic flow data to more complex hydraulic analysis, Profile is intuitive software that saves time and improves data quality by compiling project data into one location for analysis and reporting.

ADS Monitors
Profile 3.0 configures, collects, edits and reports flow data from ADS monitors, managing and scheduling data collects and generating reports. It consolidates monitor configuration, activation, data management and flow analysis software into a powerful desktop package. Communications can be handled both remotely and on-site.

Other Meters
Profile 3.0 will import data in CSV or Excel formats from most other meters. Metering data from multiple vendors can be incorporated into a single package for analysis and reporting. This functionality enables the user to calculate quantities, utilize hydrographs and Scattergraphs for trend analysis and sewer flow evaluations, and schedule reports for all locations. The powerful set of features incorporated into Profile 3.0 help users save time by reducing downtime and consolidating data.

Features of the software include quantity calculations, data analysis, user interface, hydrographs, scattergraphs, communication and field diagnostics.

Special features of the software include:

  • Balance Report – Provides a graphic display of time and quantity values on screen showing upstream to downstream flows on one graph.
  • Communication Log – Displays all communications between remote monitor and host computer. Historical data is stored for review.
  • Site DR – Streamlines troubleshooting efforts with diagnostics analysis and reviews.

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