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SoilVision Systems Ltd. has spent years collecting high-quality unsaturated soil data from sources all over the world. Our database now contains data on over 6200 soil samples. 98% of these soil samples have a soil-water characteristic curve measured in a laboratory. The soil database also contains saturated permeability (hydraulic conductivity) data on over 2500 soils as well as unsaturated permeability data on over 700 soils. It is crucial to have an accurate description of unsaturated soil properties when performing finite element modeling of water and contaminant flow through the unsaturated soil zone. Methods for estimating unsaturated soil properties may not always be reliable. The use of the database contained in the SoilVision software can confirm the potential variability of your unsaturated soil properties. Groups of soils may be selected and plotted together to give a comprehensive idea of the variability of the soil-water characteristic curve.

  • Estimate unsaturated soil properties through 11 theoretical methods
  • Database of over 6200 soils
  • Import of soil hydraulic properties from SVFlux™
  • Sieve/Hydrometer Data Storage
  • SWCC / Oedometer / Permeability data entry
  • Professional reporting

  • Import of soil hydraulic properties from SVFlux

  • Database functionality means unlimited storage of soil tests organized by project and borehole
  • Adherence to ASTM test standards separation of sieve and hydrometer data
  • Ability to fit gap-graded, bimodal soils with equations from Fredlund & Wilson
  • Support for English & Metric Units
  • Calculation of statistics
  • Calculation of particle-size density functions for unimodal and bimodal soils
  • Professional report generation allows selection and reporting of multiple soils on the same report
  • Automatic calculation of D10, D20, D30, D50, D60 and %Clay, %Silt, %Sand, and %Coarse for both USDA and USCS (ASTM) Classification standards
  • Automatic classification by USDA or USCS (ASTM) methods
  • Non-linear regression of unimodal or bimodal equations to represent the grain-size distribution
  • Theoretical estimation of unsaturated soil properties. Over 20 theoretical and statistical methods are included for the prediction of soil-water characteristic curves and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity curves based on grain-size and other data. Estimation methods are highly valuable for the modeling of seepage through the vadose zone.
  • Pre-existing laboratory database of over 6200 soils. Over 95% of theses oils have a laboratory measured soil-water characteristic curve. Laboratory data also exists for over 2500 saturated hydraulic conductivities and over 600 unsaturated hydraulic conductivity curves
  • Automatic calculation of grain-size statistics
  • Geostatistics module allows quick statistical analysis of your laboratory data.
  • Mathematical fits of soil property functions allows soils in certain 'bands' to be selected.
  • Free form search wizard allows searching of the database based on almost any criteria.
  • Mathematical model provides input for seepage and groundwater finite element and finite difference models.
  • Software interfaces with many modeling packages, graphics packages, GIS, report writers, and borehole log programs

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