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- Industry Noise Professional Kit Package



The Industry Professional Package offers a compilation of modules enabling the engineer to work all problems for industrial noise with the highest efficiency. The highlight of this package is the unique collaboration between the indoor noise model and the transmission through the walls for the noise propagation simulation of the environmental noise.

Here is a short synopsis of the standard questions the industry professional package is designed to answer:

  • Noise in the work place: Where is the 85 dB noise contour?
  • Plant safety: Design and dimensioning of alarm systems in noisy environment.
  • Environmental noise caused by buildings
  • Environmental noise caused by enclosed and half enclosed machine platforms

This compilation contains some of the most powerful SoundPLAN modules:

  • Expert System for Industry Noise enables consultants to find the most cost effective solution in industry noise. Costs and benefits for multiple noise mitigating measures are iterated for all combinations of sources and receivers. A ranking of the cost/benefit ratio helps with the decision which of the sources to modify and which to leave. This is the industrial equivalent to the module Wall Design, which is used for transportation noise.
  • Distributed Computing on one computer allows an unlimited number of 'slave' servers to calculate simultaneously. You can work on your computer while calculations continue in the background.
  • Indoor Factory Noise enables the user to simulate the noise field inside a building of any floor plan, while taking into account the absorption of walls, ceiling and all objects inside the room. Local absorption such as baffles, help with the acoustical description of the room. Reverberation time over frequency, a spatial sound decay curve in the room, noise maps and the feed data for the transmission can all be obtained with this module.

The Industry Professional Package includes these modules:

  • Geo-Database with ASCII and DXF interface
  • Industry noise module with single frequency, octave and third octave bands, point, line and area sources.
  • Industry buildings with calculations inside, and transmission from inside to outside
  • Calculations for single receivers and Grid Noise Maps
  • Graphics to produce Grid Noise Maps
  • Post processing algorithms in the SoundPLAN Spreadsheet
  • Expert System for Industry Noise for reliable noise control at the least cost
  • Documentation of results for a single calculation

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