- Complete Environmental Management Software System


SOZAT is a unique tool for managing global and local and enterprise greenhouse emission data. The system is specialized for calculating greenhouse gases emission from raw material data through engineering processes. It enables to enter and process all emission data in a unified methodology in the whole company or corporation.

SOZAT is a software system created by ATMOTERM Corporation that assists and supports environmental management. The system is user-friendly and can be employed by businesses of all sizes, operating in all areas of industry and activity. SOZAT simpl y fies data collection, data analysis, permit applications, environmental fee calculation and reporting procedures.

SOZAT is an integrated environmental suite of modules which together contain the most critical types of industrial environmental emission and impacts such as:

  • ECO2
  • ISO 14000-SOZAT
  • Air emission module
  • Waste module
  • Water module
  • Wastewater module

and help you to manage your company with all standards of environmental maganement.

The system's heart is a database based on most popular database systems. Client application is working on all standard PC's. All pertinent information regarding emissions sources and their amounts (according to CORINAIR standard for air emissions), as well as solid waste generation levels are entered into the system by the user. Employing the information database, the SOZAT system is able to create an immense number of customized and standardized environmental reports.

Customized Reports - using the Query function, a user can request the SOZAT system to create a custom report using a statement or question. For example, the statement all sources that emit CO2 will generate a customized SOZAT report.

Standardized Reports - using the Standardized Report feature, users are able to create reports that are required by the Goverment as well as by the Statistical Office. SOZAT is also able to generate integrated reports in EPER standard (according to PRTR protocol - Aarhus convention) or convert data for LRTAP convention and climate convention.

GIS - Graphic Informational Systems

As an addition to the SOZAT system, GIS provides a graphical presentation of environmental pollutants using information from the database.

For businesses, GIS can place your company geographically on the map, showing the dispersion of your emissions and their concentrations. This is especially useful for large companies that have a number of pollutant sources.

For administration, GIS can plot and display levels of selected pollutants from any number of sources, with individual source levels superimposed on one another.

Reports provided by SOZAT system and visualized by GIS system are perfect way to manage environmental information on local, national and global area.

SOZAT is a solution of all your environmental needs and problems.

2004AD Environmental Managers are faced with ever-growing business demands:

  • Balancing environmental compliance with productivity management
  • Environmental data collection and reporting for compliance as well as corporate requirements
  • Facilitating short and long-term business planning - scenario building
  • Environmental data recording
  • Building environmental target and management programmes
  • Tracking your environmental programmes
  • Corporate EHS auditing

Our complete software solution SOZAT helps to:

  • Reduce data handling risks such as expensive and time-consuming data loss
  • Improve the quality of your environmental reporting standards
  • Integrate environmental data into one all-encompassing environmental data management system
  • Streamlines corporate environmental data collection and reporting
  • Saves time on data processing and report preparation
  • Provides possibility of planning future environmental based scenarios
  • Allows for many years reporting of your environmental situations and performances

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